Welcome to idle RPG & ZombieHunt on Abandoned
Welcome to idle RPG & ZombieHunt on Abandoned
ZombieHunt Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZombieHunt?
Zombie hunt is a FPS script game for irc, orginally called duckhunt a remake of the classic game by nintendo.All credit for writing this game that belongs to Menz Agitat.From time to time zombies will appear in the channel and players will have to shoot them the most quickest possible.ZombieHunt collects statistics and allows hunters to compete using topscores boards or by viewing their/someone else detailed hunter card.

How do I get started?
You must be in the channel #zw-chat on irc server irc.abandoned-irc.net to be able to play. Once you are in the channel all ya have to do is sit and wait, soon as you see this get ready <@ZombieBot> [¬º-°]¬*ZOMBIE ALERT*[¬º-°]¬ *ZOMBIE ALERT*[¬º-°]¬*ZOMBIE ALERT*[¬º-°]¬ Type !shoot to shoot at a zombie.
Type !reload to reload your gun if it jams or run out of bullets.
Type !shop to list what items you can buy in the store.!shop id# to buy an item
Type !lastzombie to see the last time a zombie was seen in the channel.
Type !zombiestats for your own personal stats and for another player type !zombiestats nick.
Type !zhstats or !zhstats nick or !zhtstats to see your alltime stats or other nick alltime stats, or !zhtstats todays stats.
Type !zhtop10 or !zhttop10 to see all time top 10 or todays top 10.